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Our mission is simple. 

We work to empower disadvantaged individuals with the skill-set of professional sewing in order to challenge the poverty cycle through life-transforming economic opportunity. What does this mean? It means that we believe in opportunity: opportunity to start anew, to learn a new skill, and to use that skill to support oneself and one’s family. 

We’re a bit traditional in the sense that we value the craft of the needle and the thread. Through precision and hand-crafted care, we support local artisans and the quality of their work. For us, sewing is an art. It is a skill that has been passed on for generations and that is slowly being re-integrated into our society as production shifts back to our soil; we are seizing the opportunity to bring production back to Austin.

Through training and fair employment, we are equipping locals with the power to change their lives and to craft gorgeous products at the same time.



who we reach

Although we open our doors to anyone striving to embrace self-sufficiency, we target individuals exiting the prison system, the disadvantaged, and those suffering abusive home environments. 

our goal

We desire to train and equip two dozen women in the next year to work in an industrial production facility. Ultimately, we have outlined a success plan that helps them master their newly-learned craft.


For us, we deem success to be results-oriented. We want women to have the power to control their lives and through training and experience in a field - be it alterations, production or custom work-  they will have the opportunity to act with authority and control.




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